About Behavioural Consultations


Behavioural Consultations can be In Person or Via Telephone/Skype 

  • Dog-Dog Reactivity (on or off lead)
  • Dog- Human Reactivity
  • Nervous or Fearful Behaviours
  • Noise Phobias (including fireworks, thunder etc)
  • Other Phobias
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Resource Guarding
  • Excessive Barking
  • Over Attachment & Anxiety

Let me just say, I am not here to judge, only to help, my approach is through understanding, empathy and guidance, no matter what your choices.  I have had dogs over my  lifetime display nearly all of these problems at one time or another (not all in the same dog!) 

If your dog is showing signs of any of these behaviours, please do not ignore them, they are highly unlikely to 'sort themselves out' on their own, and quite likely to get worse with time.

These consultations are designed to address more psychologically based problems, such as fear driven behaviours, reactivity or aggressive displays.

There are usually quite a few contributing factors behind fear based and reactive behaviours and both your dog, your home and lifestyle circumstances will be included within the assessment to provide the best and most practical rehabilitation plan for your dog.  If other members of the household are any part of the problem, they will need to be present during the consultation to make sure all aspects can be fully understood.

The content of your dog's behaviour modification plan will be focused on maximum progress but with minimal distress to their mental well being.  It will be necessary for you to make a significant commitment following the consultation, to help change your dog's emotional state and learn to accept and relax in situations that create aggressive or reactive displays.

The Behavioural Consultation will last approximately 2 hours and during that time, I will completely open & honest with you about the prognosis for success, based on your commitment and ability to work alongside the plan, which we will discuss in full.  You will be provided with a written report following your consultation together with an initial step by step plan to get everything moving in a more progressive direction.

Cost for a Behavioural Consultation is £145

Follow up consultations can be provided under the same options as 121 Consultations, details of which can be found HERE.

Give me a call on 07961 876346 for a free 15 minute consultation and to discuss which programme would be best for you going forward.
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