private dog training

Private Dog Training Sessions

About Private Training Sessions 121 Private Training Sessions usually take place in your home or on your familiar walks nearby.  Sessions can be for any training problem or minor behavioural issueAll clients receive a brief summary of the training covered during the session and 1 mths email support.Puppy TrainingPuppy Socialisation Settling a Newly Adopted Rescue DogFoundation Lifeskills TrainingWorking

playing with your dog

How Playing With Your Dog Can Lead to Better Behaviour

  Are You Playing With Your Dog Enough? We all know that our dog’s require at least basic training and regular exercise to be mentally healthy and to keep them safe out and about on walks, but were you aware of how important it is to spend time playing with

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Online Dog Training Advice – Membership Group

The DOG’s Pov Online Dog Training Group is a subscribers only service offering ongoing easy to follow, training & behavioural advice specific to you, your dog & your individual situations. There is a private Facebook group where we can interact but If you don’t use Facebook, it’s no problem, you can still join and we can correspond via Email, it is

stop your dog chasing

Helpful Tips to Stop Your Dog Chasing

Does your dog regularly disappear at speed to chase ‘things?’ Get a better Understanding & Some Tips Here on How To Stop Your Dog Chasing. If your dog disappears in a cloud of dust after a rabbit?  Or leaves you standing while he runs off into the distance after a dog, cat,

one 2 one dog training half price offer

One 2 One Dog Training Sessions – Half Price Offer

Do you live in the Rotherham, Sheffield or Doncaster Areas?
Click Here to Find out more and apply for your half price training sessions

telephone skype consultation

Telephone & Skype Consultations

Telephone & Skype Consultations Telephone or Skype consultations can be a great way to get the help and support you need, even if we don’t live near each other.  They are a convenient, easy way to get the advice and information you need right now, and can be an excellent solution for many training and behaviour

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Step by Step Dog Training Videos

A Great Video Series on Recall Training From Claire Staines of Lothlorien Dog ServicesRecall Part 1Recall Part 2Recall Part 3Recall Part 4Recall Part 5Recall Part 6Recall Part 7Prevent Livestock Chasing Guaranteed!An Excellent Selection of Video’s for Anyone Wishing to Learn Clicker TrainingClicker Training EquipmentWhat is Clicker TrainingA Great Place to Start: Capturing a Sit10 Things

dog food causing behaviour problems

Is Your Dog Food Causing Behaviour Problems

Are you currently experiencing behaviour problems with your dog? Has anyone mentioned to you that it could be your dog food causing these problems? It is common these days for many people to suffer allergies or reactions from eating certain types of food and drinks.  Modern medicine has developed significantly to realise

canine counsellor

Help With Dog Training & Behaviour Problems

“You have been an amazing help to me and my dogs, I don’t know what I would have done without you” Mrs M – Online Client Consultations “Michelle helped me with my particularly traumatised dog, her knowledge is extensive & her approach is calm, kind & confident” Mrs P – Online Client Consultations “Michelle helped