The DOG's Pov Online Dog Training Group is a subscribers only service offering ongoing easy to follow, training & behavioural advice specific to you, your dog & your individual situations. There is a private Facebook group where we can interact but If you don't use Facebook, it's no problem, you can still join and we can correspond via Email, it is equally effective.

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It has already proven to be an excellent resource for Newly Adopted Rescue dogs

All training methods used will be reward based positive training techniques.
No other methods will be advocated within this group.

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5 mth old Romanian Foster Puppy After 1 Week with Me

Romanian Rescue Pup Tramp saved from the sub zero temperatures of a filthy Public Shelter where he would have most certainly died is proving himself to be a smart little fella!

This video is just one week after arriving in foster with me, along with his sister Tasha. This is pretty great stuff considering he is not a young pup, he is 5mths old, so technically not really within that prime socialisation period when you can really get your puppy to soak everything up like a sponge.


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  • Step by Step guides specific to your problems and training needs

  • Free training worksheets

  • Useful and informative articles & videos 

  • Discounts on future products (EBooks & Training Guides)

  • No minimum subscription length, join and leave whenever you wish, as many times as you wish

  • Membership of this group will be kept limited and exclusive to ensure everyone receives the time & attention they need

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Tramp - Starting Distance Training
Now 6 mths old, Romanian Foster Pup after 4 weeks with me

Tramp is starting to concentrate more out on walks now. Sit's and Down's are coming along well, both at home and out & about, his responses are getting sharper so we have started adding some distance to his training.  One of the biggest things owners forget to do, once they've trained their dog to Sit, Down, Come etc.... is keep practising, which is not the same as training, it's just that, practising what has been learnt.  Dog's, just like us, get better with practise, and more importantly develop strong automated responses with more repetition of behaviour, which gives me greater control and him more freedom. Win win! 🙂 

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This service is not suitable for all problems so If your application to join the group
contains any information I feel I cannot help you with in this format,
you will be notified immediately and your payment refunded.

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NB: There is NO MINIMUM length of subscription required, you are free to unsubscribe and cancel payments at any time.  As soon as your payments have ceased you will be removed from the group but of course you are free to rejoin as and when you wish, but this will be dependent on space being available as the group will always be kept to a limited number to ensure every subscriber can be provided with the attention and information they need, when they need it.