Group Dog Training Workshops

The Dog's Point of View group dog training workshops are held remotely by video conferencing software so you can get the help you need from the comfort of your own home.  They have been set up to provide an affordable option to pet dog guardians needing professional help and support with their dogs.  The workshops take place within an online video conferencing portal that is very easy to use.  This enables me to chat to you properly, ask questions and provide more accurate advice to get things moving in a positive direction for you.  It also means I can see your dogs if they'd like to join in. 🙂 

Through my work with Romanian Rescue dogs I have helped many clients from all over the country via remote video conferencing with great results.  I know there are lots of people committed to helping their dogs overcome problems or challenges but who can't always find a suitable positive, fear free professional local to them.  I also fully appreciate that sometimes people simply don't have the funds available at the time to pay for one to one consultations when they need them. 

The following group video workshops are currently available with more to be added soon:  

  • Romanian Rescue dogs - pre-adoption advice and information
  • Getting help with your Romanian rescue dog
  • Helping your fearful Romanian rescue dog
  • An introduction to helping your dog reactive dog (Free Workshop)
  • Helping your dog reactive dog (Level 1) 
  • Helping your dog reactive dog (Level 2) 
  • Reactivity Support Workshop
  • Getting help with your Adolescent Dog
  • Get help with your dogs recall 

In setting up these group video workshops I hope to make holistic professional help and support available to everyone. Whilst it is by no means designed to be a replacement for one to one in person consultations, it could get you the help you need right now.  In my experience, when problems seem to have reached a breaking point, having this option available can mean the difference between a dog staying with their family or being given up to a rescue shelter or worse.  

How Does it Work

Each group workshop is limited to between 3 and 6 people depending on the topic.  The more complex topics will have less people in attendance to ensure questions can be answered.  The video conferencing software requires very little in the way of set up for you to join.  You simply click the link for the group workshop you want to join, fill in your details and make your payment securely.  You should then be redirected to complete a pre-booking form which gives me basic info that will help me make the workshop as beneficial to you as possible.  You will receive a confirmation email of your place on the workshop containing all the details for logging into the video conferencing software.  Then on the day and time of your video consultation, you simply click the link in the email and it will send you straight into the group via video link (don't worry I will send a reminder on the day as well.)

In addition to the group video workshops you can get further support and advice in The Dog's Point of View private Facebook group which you can join HERE.  You are more than welcome to join the private Facebook group whether you have taken part in a group video workshop or not.

What Does it Cost

The cost to take part in a Group Video Workshop is dependent on the topic but ranges from £7.00 - £15.00.