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The Dog's Point of View Members group is a private Facebook group purely for subscribers to the membership programme along with clients currently working with me in person on other programmes.

The aim of the group is not only to be able to help more people solve training and behaviour challenges but also to provide you as members with the kind of high quality content and information that teaches you about dogs, about how they think, how they see the world and how they communicate both with us and each other, not simply how to teach them to do stuff... or stop doing stuff!

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge, and learning more so I can share more! The way this group will work is the more members we gain, the more time I can devote to helping you all by providing more content, more videos and more information that will help you specifically with your dog(s) so please do share the group with anyone you think may be interested.

Each week there will be different themes (you can request a theme if you wish) and the content will be in the form of:

  • Informational posts and teaching videos
  • High quality articles both from myself and from recognised professionals in their field
  • Scientific research information
  • Video demonstrations
  • How to guides
  • Teaching Flowcharts
  • Book excerpts
  • Live Q & A sessions
  • Monthly challenges
  • Free downloads, resources, books, webinars and courses

All of this, delivered to you for just £8.99 per month.
That's less than £2.50 a week!

I will also be online at specific times to answer questions with tips and advice to get you moving in the right direction or gain a better understanding of how to best achieve an outcome or solve a problem.  You are welcome to post to the group with your questions or submit videos for my feedback on anything you need help with, but unlike with many other groups on Facebook where most of the comments and advice are being given by other dog guardians, all posts will be answered by me. 

There will also be regular posts providing information on recommended products, services, books, holiday accommodation, and anything else canine related that I would recommend and I think may be useful to you.

PLEASE NOTE: This group is by no means intended to provide the level of information you would receive from one to one consultations with me or a qualified professional in your local area.  I will of course provide help and tips, as that is the purpose of the group, but it will not be in the same depth as a personal consultation.  There may be, however, other posts and information relative to the problem you are experiencing that may provide you with more in depth help and advice, and I will of course direct you to this information, or write a post for the whole group. 

A Taste of What Will be Covered

Each week there will be a different theme or topic covered but also specific informational posts relative to the requirements of the members of the group.  The kind of topics that will be covered: 

  • Learning to Speak Dog - Why would you live with someone and not learn their language?
  • Reactivity in all its various forms
  • How to teach all manner of Life Skills & how to deal with any problems you encounter (with video demonstrations)
    • Recall
    • Leave it
    • Loose Lead Walking
    • Dealing with Anxious or Fearful behaviour
    • Desensitisation Techniques
    • Counter Conditioning for specific problems
    • Barking
    • Noise Phobias
    • Resource Guarding and so much more.
  • Working with Adolescent dogs and all the challenges that come with this period
  • Understanding the most powerful influence over your dogs behaviour and how you can use this to your advantage rather than have it working against you!

How to Join the Members Group

Joining is super easy, just Click the Button below, sign up securely via paypal subscription, there is no minimum joining period, you are free to leave and rejoin as you wish.

Once your completed joining form is received you will be added to the private group where you can catch up on previous posts or post into the group with the type of help or information you're interested in.  If you cancel your subscription, you will remain in the group until your current membership period expires at which point your membership will be terminated.

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Briefly About Me:
Founder & Business Owner of The Dog's Point of View. Over 30 years of learning & experience. Advanced Diplomas in Canine psychology and life coaching, Animal Reiki certified and committed to continued studies in both human and canine behaviour and psychology.   Teacher, Writer, Canine Counsellor and Life Coach, passionate about learning, inspiring and helping as many people as possible understand their dogs better, helping them to live the most amazing lives possible with these beautiful souls we choose to share our lives with. You can read more about me here if you wish.

Author of two Books (so far - more in the pipeline)
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