About the Reactive Dog
Training and Support  Programme


The Reactive Dog Training and Support Programme is tailor made
to suit you, your dog and your lifestyle.

How will this programme help you?

  1. It will give you immediate relief strategies to help you and your dog gain some headspace.
  2. Provide you with practical training help that won’t involve lengthy training sessions but can be easily integrated into your day to day lives.
  3. Essential ongoing emotional support, to help build both your confidence and your belief in your abilities to turn these situations around.
  4. A greater understanding of what is happening with your particular dogs emotional outbursts, and how you can start to reduce them and begin turning your walks into a more positive experience for you both.
  5. The knowledge and skills you need to be able to help your reactive dog feel better, learn better and ultimately enjoy life more, for not having that daily emotional rollercoaster going on.

What's Included?

  • A 90 - 120 minute initial consultation (in person or via telephone/skype)
  • 3 Months of Practical Training Help (Renewable if required)
  • Regular Coaching Calls to ensure progress & full support is provided
  • Environmental and Lifestyle De-Stress
  • Video Tutorials Made Specifically for You
  • Detailed Written Teaching Guides
  • Full Ongoing Support by Email or Telephone
  • Bespoke Progress Plan for You and Your Dog’s Particular Needs & Lifestyle

Living with a dog that reacts to particular triggers can result in a draining and difficult relationship, for both you and your dog, often on a daily basis. The reactive dog training and support programme is specifically structured to help guardians of dogs that display reactive behavioural responses to any variation of trigger. Reactivity is an uncontrolled emotional response, and as such takes time to change, in addition to this, it is often not a stand alone problem, meaning there are other areas that may need to be addressed that could have a positive impact all round. 

This programme is a complete reactivity reduction process and will address all areas of your dogs lifestyle to ensure the maximum likelihood of success. 

3 Month Programme Costs & Payment Options

  • £360.00 one off payment 

  • £200 initial payment followed by 2 x monthly payments of £116.50 (£433.00 total)  

Limited places are available on this programme due to the time commitment involved.
Your place will only be secured upon payment.

You can contact me on 07961 876346 if you would like to chat further to see if this programme is right for you.

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Together We Can Do So Much

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