Group Dog Training Consultations

Remote Group Dog Training ConsultationsThe Dog’s Point of View remote group dog training consultations have been set up to provide an affordable option to pet dog guardians needing professional help and support with their dogs.  The consultations take place within an online video conferencing portal that is very easy to use.  This enables me to

energy awareness

Energy Awareness and Dogs

Energy Awareness and Dogs About 1.5 years ago, when my Romanian Rescue dog Tramp was still in his delinquent adolescent phase 🙂 something happened that was the equivalent of being smacked in the face with a  big book of understanding! This has now become a huge part of not just

private dog training

Private Dog Training Consultations

 One to One Consultations are available in person if you are local to me or by Video Consultation if you are not.  Consultations can be for any general training and behavioural issues such as: Puppy Life Skills & SocialisationUnderstanding & Supporting your Adolescent DogFoundation Life SkillsSettling your Newly Adopted Rescue DogWalking Nicely on a LeadRecall ImprovementReactivity at

romanian rescue dog

Adopting a Romanian Rescue Dog – A Step by Step Guide

ADOPTING A ROMANIAN RESCUE DOGThe Process, What’s Involved, What to Look Out For.I have written this article to help anyone wishing to know more about how to go about adopting a Romanian Rescue dog, what’s involved, how the process works, what to look out for to make sure your new dog is as suitable

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