Teaching Dogs Practical Life Skills
A Step by Step Guide & Workbook

What to Teach ~ How to Teach It
When to Teach It

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Whether you're just getting started with your training, or you're experiencing some problems, the practical life skills and information provided in this book will get you on the right track in no time. When you know what to teach, how to teach it and when to teach it, you provide your dog with a strong, well rehearsed toolkit of behaviours to choose from, so they find it much easier to understand you and respond appropriately, no matter what the situation.   

All of the exercises included have been designed to provide you with a structured and easy to follow approach to your dog's education.  Covered within the book in detail are:

  • The 5 Essential Elements to Teaching Dogs
  • Things that Impact on Learning & Behaviour
  • Focus & Engagement Exercises
  • Impulse Control Exercises
  • Management & Control Exercises
  • Protection & Trust Exercises
  • Which Teaching Guides You Need:
    • For dogs that ignore you
    • For dogs that lack self control
    • For dogs that pull on the lead
    • For dogs that don't come when called
    • For dogs that chase things
    • For dogs that jump up
    • For dogs that like to bark a lot
    • For dogs that can be reactive on walks
  • Action Worksheets
  • Printable PDF Challenge Lists

Packed with information, helpful tips, step by step teaching guides, troubleshooting advice and challenge lists to help you reach the point where your training is actually effective in the situations you need it in!

Take the first step today to having better behaviour, more fun and a stronger relationship with your dog.  All methods and techniques detailed within this book, are force free and positive reward based teaching.

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