About the Tricky Teens Programme


The Tricky Teens Training Programme is a 6 month programme that takes place both at your home & in a variety of outside locations.

It is a sad fact that more dogs between the ages of 7-18mths are surrendered to rescue shelters than any other age, because of the difficulties they can present to their families during this stage of their life.  There are hormone surges affecting them both physically & emotionally, 2nd stage fear periods to deal with, unpredictable behaviours, reactivity, deafness and recall failure to name but a few. 

It is my absolute passion to help decrease the number of dogs surrendered within this age group because I fully understand that, no matter what, it can be a difficult time for many dog guardians, but it can be made a lot easier when you know how to handle these situations & experiences and build the right foundations, training exercises and engagement activities to counteract the effects of the tricky teenage phase!

What's covered in the Tricky Teens Training Programme

  • Everything you need to tip the scales in your favour during the Tricky Teens Phase 
  • An introduction to Clicker Training
  • An extensive engagement & bonding programme (the foundation of all other training)
  • Training & proofing all the foundation behaviours
  • A tailor made teenage socialisation plan for your dog
  • Confidence training (many adolescent dogs lose confidence during this period)
  • Manners Training
  • Recall
  • Lead work
  • Impulse control
  • Cease & Desist training

What's included in the cost of the Tricky Teens Training Programme

  • Natural & healthy training treats for all your training sessions
  • A 'Tricky Teens' ongoing socialisation programme tailor made to your dog's needs
  • An appropriate length training line
  • Treat Bag
  • 3 Clickers 
  • An interactive Feeder
  • Training Journal
  • 12x 45 minute Private Training sessions - 2 per month
  • 12x Group Training sessions/walks - 2 per month (optional)

Because of the volume of training we cover in this programme, it is split into two 3 month blocks to give you both a break halfway through, and time to cement what we cover in the 1st section before we progress onto the 2nd.   The booking times for your private training sessions will be flexible, the group sessions will be at fixed times. You will be provided with in depth session follow up emails, step by step training guides for all the exercises covered and full support by telephone & email for the duration of your programme.

Currently available in Rotherham, Sheffield, Worksop, Doncaster and Surrounding Areas (travel costs may apply)
Booking requires Payment in Advance but can be split into two payments.  1st payment to be made at the commencement of the programme and 2nd one month later. 

Cost for a 6 month Tricky Teens Training Programme is £499.00
Give me a call on 07961 876346 or Click Below to Submit your Booking Online

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