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Currently available in Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster & Surrounding Areas

Of course we all know that dogs need exercise appropriate for their age and needs, but they also need exercise for their brains (mental stimulation), not just so they can be well behaved for us, but for their own mental health and well being.  By providing your dog with activities (training) that satisfies their natural instincts and desires and engages their brain, it leaves them more relaxed and content, usually meaning less problems and a more harmonious household.

The Dog's Point of View Walk and Train service includes pick-up and drop off at your home and every walk will be structured to provide plenty of mental exercise and stimulation based on your individual dog's requirements.  This could include working on any training weaknesses your dog may have, including recall, chasing problems, loose lead walking, impulse control (being able to leave things) or maybe introducing some new fun activities to provide them with a 'job' to do, to help keep them satisfied and tired.  After the session your dog will be return home ensuring they are dry, secure and happy before being left.  

After each session you will be provided with an update on how training is progressing and any suggestions required to maintain the improvements at home and on your walks.

This service is perfect for:

  • Guardians who don't have the time or expertise to work on a particular training weakness or problem
  • Dogs who need more focused exercise providing mental and physical engagement to satisfy both their bodies & their brains
  • Dogs who need exercise while you are at work, but are not comfortable walking in groups with other strange dogs

The walk and train service is undertaken by an experienced trainer and behaviour consultant using only positive and force free training methods. Insured & CRB Checked

The Cost for  Walk & Train 
30 mins - £12.50
60 mins - £20.00

All bookings are payable in Advance 
(Travel Charges may Apply depending on distance

For block bookings or regular ongoing walk & train sessions, give me a call on  07961 876346 to have a chat about what you need and I can put a tailor made package together for you.

Give me a call on 07961 876346 to book or click the button below to send your details online

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