Name: Suzanne Gould
Business Name: Edinburgh Holistic Dogs
Location: Edinburgh (Remote Consultations Available)
Specialties: Rescue Dogs, Reactive Dogs, Supporting New Adopters

Suzanne Gould is a lifelong dog lover living in Edinburgh, she is the founder of Edinburgh Holistic Dogs a dog walking adventure service along with Dog Training specialising in Rescue Dogs.

Originally from North Yorkshire Suzanne 37, is a former Ladies Knitwear Designer, having been made redundant in 2017 Suzanne took this as an opportunity to pursue a career working with dogs.

Inspired by her own Old English Sheepdog Flash, who she adopted him aged 1 he required lots of dog training to help him overcome behaviour issues. This set Suzanne on a path to learn more about dogs, dog training and behaviour turning her hobby into a passion and business.

Suzanne noticed there is an increasing number of adopted dogs, whose owners are struggling to understand their dog’s behaviour as well as not knowing what the best way to help them is. Additionally their dogs are considered reactive to dogs, don’t listen or are scared by people. 

Suzanne set about creating classes and programmes to specifically help these dogs and their owners. This has earned her the name of The Rescue Dog Ranger®

The programmes show owners how they can transform their lives with their dogs, the training provided isn’t your typical obedience style instead focusing on confidence building, strengthening communication and how to handle stressful situations.

'I really love seeing the progress the dogs make alongside their owners. There is a moment when I can see and feel that the owners have gone from stressed to this is so great, I live for these moments!'

Suzanne is known for her relaxed and friendly approach when working with dogs and their owners. She always shares her own experiences with her dogs both the good and the embarrassing.

Name: Joanne Hinds
Business Name: Jo Hinds Dog Trainer & Behaviourist
Location: Ruislip & Surrounding Areas (Remote Consultations Available)
Specialties: Puppy Programs, Fearful Rescue Dogs, Children & Dogs

Jo Hinds is a passionate dog trainer and behaviourist who wants to help you find the fun and joy in being a dog parent. 

Jo works with puppy parents and foreign rescue adoptees to establish a deeper understanding of their canine companions and to deliver clarity. Jo work alongside you, creating a tailored behaviour plan, that paves the way for a lifelong relationship founded on trust and understanding.

Jo specialises in working with street dogs that are shut down and struggling with their new life.

Jo works primarily in person but will discuss with you the most appropriate approach depending on the challenges you need help with, and will work remotely if necessary, depending on how your dog copes with new people.

Name: Megan O'Connell
Business Name: Roma & Friends Dog Training
Location: Chester & Surrounding Areas (Remote Consultations & Online Programs Available)
Specialties: New Adopters, Reactive Dogs

Megan is a Dog Trainer based in Chester. Most of her work comprises of helping new rescues settle into their homes!

Taking a holistic approach Megan looks at the whole dog to rebalance and resettle them while taking it at their pace. 

She is owned by 2 dogs, Romanian Rescue Roma, and Rescue Labrador Mabel, both which she has rehomed.  Megan and her dogs enjoy doing Scentwork and Hoopers together  in their spare time. 

If you need any help settling your new rescue dog Megan can help at