The Dog's Point of View Group Video Workshop Sessions are now offered FREE within our New Membership Programme! 

You can check out all the details HERE on the New Membership Programme... it's gonna be awesome! 

  • A dedicated section providing information and advice about your Romanian Rescue Dogs
  • Downloadable Teaching Guides to help you solve your training & behavioural challenges
  • Extensive resources & information on the topics you need help with! Reactivity, Recall, Fearfulness, Barking, Loose Lead Walking & More
  • Get answers to your specific questions in Weekly Q&A's
  • Exclusive content & case studies added weekly
  • Be inspired, motivated & supported as you & your dog make progress together

It's so much more than just a 'dog training' group
Find out more  about the community that will teach you things
you didn't even realise you wanted to know about dogs.