I'm super excited to see you here and to tell you all about The Dog's Point of View Coaching Group!

This is not your run of the mill 'Dog Training' portal, it is also a Holistic Human-Canine Coaching Centre. Of course there are solutions to your dog training and behaviour challenges but that's only the beginning. 

Through my work with Romanian dogs and learning how different they are to our British dogs, my journey as a dog 'trainer' but more significantly, someone who works closely with human-canine relationships, has evolved into so much more.  

The Romanian dogs and their unique characters have taught me to watch more closely, look more deeply and listen more carefully because the way they see & respond to the world is very instinctive and deeply rooted in, what I believe, something that is closer to the true nature of a dog.

This knowledge & deeper understanding means I get to share with you why, what you have tried up until now, may not have been the best approach for your particular dog.  All of my members have had lots of fabulous 'Aha' moments since joining the group and learning how to work with their dogs challenges in a way that makes sense to their dogs, because it's not JUST about training.

"I just love being part of this group. Your advice and encouragement is fabulous. You have helped us understand Dudley and approach him in a different way. I am learning everyday and understanding how Dudley may be feeling thereby helping to interpret his cues.'

So have a read through this page, which gives you an insight into what you will find in the group as a member and if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out and get in touch via the Contact Page here on the website.

What Can You Expect if You Join as a Member

  • A deep dive into how you can live your best life with your Romanian dogs by learning how they are different to British dogs
  • Access to structured training programmes with additional Trainer support if required (GOLD Members Option) that guide you through helping your dogs that are maybe reactive to visitors, or who are very fearful or perhaps you are a new adopter feeling overwhelmed.  
  • Exclusive Epic Dog Academy Online Courses including Rapid Recall, an 8 Week Trick Training Masterclass and the very awesome Herding Game!
  • Personal guidance from me in the form of group calls, video workshops, Q&A sessions and monthly focus sessions 
  • How important the human half of the human-canine partnership is, not just in terms of knowledge or skills but also mindset, energy, motivation and confidence.  Be the best you can be so you can help your Reactive and Fearful dogs to do the same. 
  • Everyone in the community is the proud adopter of a Romanian Rescue dog, so you will be in great company with people just like you, who are learning to understand their dogs better and live their best lives together.   

This is a community I am passionate about building and have been for a long time,
so nobody ever needs to be without affordable access to the information and support they need with their dogs. 

All The Dog's Point of View teaching guides, advice and recommendations follow the latest scientifically proven fear free methods. I and any members of my team are committed to further study and continued professional development.

But don't just take my word for it...
Here's what some of the members have to say about the group.

Group Member - HE - Warwickshire

"I just love being part of this group. Your advice and encouragement is fabulous. You have helped us understand Dudley and approach him in a different way. I am learning everyday and understanding how Dudley may be feeling thereby helping to interpret his cues. We have learnt to build our bond, trust and respect him. Take our time and not to push him. I can’t believe how quickly Dudley has settled. In the beginning he wouldn’t walk well and would freeze, he would jump at vans. Now 3 months on he is walking very well learning tricks and doing recall using a clicker. Still a way to go but your support is amazing. I don’t feel under pressure like I did when attending dog training classes with previous dog. Your videos and seminars are great. Thank you I am doing stuff I thought I would never attempt. We are being stopped all the time by people saying what a well behaved dog Dudley is. I always tell them about your group and how great it is. Thank you." 

Group Member KM - Nottinghamshire

"I have been a member of the Students of the dog’s Point of View since November 2019 and it has been the best thing ever for me and my dog. Initially I joined as part of an 8 week 1:1 training package with Meesh and when this finished I couldn’t bear the thought of not having Meesh and the support of the group around especially as our dog is still “work in progress”. Meesh is the best person you could ever hope to work with in relation to a dog with challenges and having had a previous bad experience with a trainer, I now wouldn’t let any other trainer near my dog. Her approach and training methods are just so right and make so much sense and the support and understanding she offers is invaluable. The group offers information that I haven’t found anywhere else and is constantly updated and added to. Knowing there are so many others around with similar problems with their dogs is just so reassuring and it is great to be able to support others in a similar situation. What more can I say.? Meeting Meesh and becoming part of this group has changed our lives." 

Group Member - SH - United Kingdom

"Thank goodness that we discovered and joined this group! Meesh's sound advice and methods have made a huge difference to the behaviour of our fear aggressive Romanian rescue Reuben's behaviour. He is much calmer, far less anxious, and his reactivity towards both dogs and people is steadily reducing. There is a vast amount of knowledge contained within the units and the courses are great fun. All the information is easily understood and enjoyable to read, and Meesh herself is amazingly approachable and super quick to respond with suggestions and advice. To be honest, before we joined this group we were in despair at how we could help Reuben overcome his terrible start in life. But now the good days outnumber the bad and the good days keep on getting better. So, thank you, Meesh, for showing us how to understand Reuben's needs and we are so looking forward to working with you as we continue to help him live his best life." 

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I Can't Wait to See You in There!

I believe that as much as we 'teach' our dogs how to behave appropriately in our human world, there is a LOT we can learn from them in return.  
After all, they already know how to train us expertly!

In a world where 'perfection' is rammed down our throats at every opportunity, across all forms of media, I want to create a safe space where we can learn, grow, share and support each other, not just with our canine challenges, but with everything! I want you to benefit from everything I learn as I learn it, to enable us all to have the most amazing relationships, lives and experiences with our dogs. 

When would now be a great time to join the other members already seeing better connections with their dogs, improved responses on walks, reduced reactivity, fearful dogs with more confidence and regular moments of 'Wow, I can't believe how far we've come'

Are You Ready?


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VIP MEMBERHSIP - By Invitation Only. 
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STANDARD Member Benefits

Ideal if you prefer to work through at your own pace with a trainer on hand to ask for guidance

  • Over 300 Informational posts, articles & teaching guides
  • Access to over 10 online self-study courses
  • Access to our Exclusive EpicDog Academy Courses
  • Monthly Video Workshops
  • Monthly Group Focus Sessions
  • Monthly Group Socials
  • Private Members Facebook Group

GOLD Member Benefits

Best Option for New Adopters, or if you have a Fearful or Reactive dog 

  • Everything in STANDARD Membership
  • 3 Coaching Calls with your Trainer per month
  • Private Gold Members community group
  • Submit training videos for analysis

VIP Member Benefits

Ideal if you would like 121 support working through a structured program with your Trainer

  • Everything in Self Study + GOLD Membership
  • Monthly 121 Coaching Calls with Meesh
  • Trainer in your pocket support 

VIP Membership is by invitation only
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 Important Information About Becoming a Member

  1. Your Membership to the group is recurrent on payment of a monthly subscription
  2. The subscription rate you join the group at will never increase as long as you remain a member.  If you cancel your membership but then wish to rejoin, your new subscription will be at whatever rate is current at the time of rejoining
  3. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time, there is no minimum sign up requirement. Just send an email to michelle@thedospov.com and I will sort this out for you. Your membership will end from your next scheduled payment date (you will still be able to access the group until then). 
  4. There can be no refunds on part-used paid periods, unless there is a delay in administration of your cancellation request.
  5. Membership will automatically cease if scheduled payments cannot be collected. 
  6. You keep access to all materials in the group and any additional free courses or seminar recordings for as long as you continue to be a member. Access to all member benefits will cease if you choose to cancel your subscription or otherwise cease to be a member.
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Briefly About Me

Founder & Business Owner of The Dog's Point of View. Over 30 years of learning & experience, 15 years as a Trainer & Behaviour Consultant. Holistic Human-Canine Coach, Writer, Proud Patron of two Romanian Charities, Annie's Trust and Cloud K9 Rescue plus an eternal student of dogs. Passionate about helping as many people as possible gain a deeper understanding of their dogs so they can live the most amazing lives possible with these beautiful souls we choose to share our lives with.

Author of two Books (so far.)
Both books are available on Amazon via the links below.