I'm super excited to see you here and to tell you all about The Dog's Point of View new Coaching Group to see if it's just what you've been looking for...

Students of The Dog's Point of View is not your run of the mill 'Dog Training' portal, it is also a Holistic Human-Canine Coaching Centre. Of course there are solutions to your dog training and behaviour challenges but that's only the beginning.  There is also a section dedicated to Romanian Rescue dogs and the unique challenges they can pose and the opportunity to connect with people just like you, both online and offline if you want to.   This is a community I am building so that nobody ever needs to be without access to the information and support they need with their dogs. 

But there's more...

What you will also find here is that we are all passionate about the human-canine relationship and how it provides many of us with a unique blend of purpose and emotional well being in a world that we can sometimes find quite challenging! 

I know I for one have been encouraged to face demons, push through limiting fears and put my big girl pants on in the face of adversity, and I owe a lot of that to my dogs.  I bet many of you could say the same thing...

What Can You Expect

Through my work with Romanian dogs and learning how they are different to our British dogs, my journey as a dog 'trainer' has evolved into so much more.  The Romanian dogs and their unique characters have taught me to watch more closely, look more deeply and listen more carefully because the way they see & respond to the world is very instinctive and deeply rooted in, what I believe, something that is closer to the true nature of a dog. 

 So as a student of this group you can expect such things as:

  • Understanding why your Romanian dog is so fearful or doesn't want to go for a walk or has an intrinsic fear of men and how you can help them with these specific challenges (along with many other Rommie specific challenges.) 
  • Gaining a deeper insight into the emotions that drive some of your dogs behaviours and step by step help on how you can positively impact on them to affect change.
  • Understanding how your behaviour is the single biggest factor influencing your dogs behaviour and explaining exactly how you can use that to help your dog overcome their challenges.
  • Access to upcoming problem specific online courses (Reactivity, Loose Lead Walking, Fearfulness etc)
  • Immediate Access to our exclusive Epic Dog Academy Online Courses which include Rapid Recall, an 8 Week Trick Training course and the very awesome Herding Game!
  • Learning how you can change your mindset, energy, motivation and grow your confidence so you can help your Reactive and Fearful dogs to do the same. 
  • All the information, help and support you need to solve problems and overcome challenges as you work together with your dog(s) towards enjoying your best lives together!

All The Dog's Point of View teaching guides, advice and recommendations follow the latest scientifically proven fear free methods. I and any members of my team are committed to further study and continued professional development.

Why join Students of The Dog's Point of View

When you join this special community you will find a tonne of pre-loaded content on a variety of topics all organised for you to easily locate the information most relevant to you right now. Downloadable step by step teaching guides, weekly Q&A Sessions, free group video workshops once a month & exclusive content added weekly.  I will be adding real life case studies of clients I work with so you can see exactly the information I give to help them solve challenges that you yourself could be experiencing. You will be able to add your own posts, chat with me and other members and even see who lives nearby to you if you wanted to meet up offline for dog walks or just coffee and a vent!

In addition to all of that you will get free access to a number of online courses that will be completed soon and the opportunity to watch any seminars or presentation talks I give, for free and at your leisure!

On top of this you will find something special here. In a world where 'perfection' is rammed down our throats at every opportunity across all forms of media, I want to create a safe space where we can learn, grow, share and support each other not just with our canine challenges, but with everything!  Part of this will be raising our awareness and enjoying how expertly our dogs teach us to be less judgmental, have a healthier perspective on life, enjoy a simpler point of view and have a more positive attitude. 

"Your Dog is a thinking, feeling emotional being,
just like you but different."

I Can't Wait to See You There!

coaching group

I believe that as much as we 'teach' our dogs how to behave appropriately in our human world, there is a LOT we can learn from them in return.  After all, they already know how to train us expertly!

With all of this in mind my aim with this group is to not only teach you things like how to achieve a great recall or have your dog walk nicely on a lead, but also how to reconnect with your own true nature. I want to not only guide and support you through the minefield of your dogs reactive outbursts, but also help you learn how to re-balance your emotions, overcome debilitating anxieties or even have the courage to push for a dream. I want you to share in my journey as I learn and understand more in my capacity as an eternal student of dogs. I want you to benefit from everything I learn as I learn it to enable us all to have the most amazing relationships, lives and experiences with our dogs. 

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Briefly About Me

Founder & Business Owner of The Dog's Point of View. Over 30 years of learning & experience. Holistic Human-Canine Coach, Writer, Patron of Annie's Trust and eternal student of dogs. Passionate about helping as many people as possible gain a deeper understanding of their dogs so they can live the most amazing lives possible with these beautiful souls we choose to share our lives with.

Author of two Books (so far.)
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