Have you ever thought it would be helpful to keep track of your progress with your dog?
Be able to jot down notes of your good/bad days, how you feel, how your dog is feeling?

The Dog's Point of View Monthly Journal
Could Help You Do Just That.  

It has been created by me here at the Dog's Point of View, with everyday dog guardians in mind, to provide an easy, structured way of helping you to set goals, keep track of progress,  recognise problems and provide an invaluable record that will enable you to not only see how much you have achieved with your four pawed pals, but also be able to easily spot any behaviour trends, habits, triggers and more. 

The Dog Training Journal has proved to be especially useful for guardians of Reactive dogs. when it can really help to have a structured place to monitor trigger stacking & stress levels alongside training progress for reducing the frequency and intensity of reactions to triggers.

Inside Your Monthly Progress Journal 

Training Tips

Goal Setting Section

Comprehensive Training Record

One month's undated Daily Journal Pages

Space for Training Session Notes on every page

Space to note down useful behavioural, dietary, health, stress information

Notes & Reminders Section

Amusing & Inspirational Quotes on every page


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3 Monthly Progress Journals
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6 Monthly Progress Journals
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