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Hi and Welcome! I’m so sorry but Initial Free Consults are Unavailable at the moment due to such high demand! … But please don’t just leave! I still want to be able to help you! If you would like to complete the client info form below – I will be in touch as soon as

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Barking Dogs & Romanian Rescue Dogs Barking!

Barking Dogs & Romanian Rescue Dogs Barking! Dogs barking excessively is one of the most common problems guardians ask for help with, and of course it’s something that can not only be annoying but cause all sorts of problems, some of which you may not even be aware of, like

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Energy Awareness and Dogs

Energy Awareness and Dogs About 1.5 years ago, when my Romanian Rescue dog Tramp was still in his delinquent adolescent phase ūüôā something happened that was the equivalent of being smacked in the face with a¬† big book of understanding! This has now become a huge part of not just

The Dog's Point of View Coaching Group

The Dog’s Point of View Coaching Group

A members only group for high quality information & teaching advice to help solve issues & understand more about the nature of dogs. Weekly themes, video demo’s, high quality articles, live Q & A’s, how to guides & much more…

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Shop for Products, Courses & ProgramsFREE Webinar for New AdoptersAdopters Coaching GroupOnline Courses & WorkshopsRomanian Rescue Trainers ProgramBuy Special Blend Bach RemediesIn Conversation With Suzanne ClothierNew Book Release Coming Soon!Buy Teaching Dogs Practical Life SkillsBuy Human-Canine Emotive Energy Balancing

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Personal Dog Training Consultations

¬†Sadly I am unable to take on any further One to One Clients at the moment, but Wait!… please don‚Äôt just leave!I still want to be able to help you!As a specialist in Romanian & Foreign Rescue dogs I know only too well how difficult it can be to find a trainer or behaviourist who

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2 Reasons Why You Could Be Struggling to Train Your Dog

¬†Are Struggling to Train Your Dog? The Answer Could Be That You’re Not Doing These 2 Things, You dream of having a beautifully trained dog, who is a pleasure to have around. ¬†You’ve seen other people with these dogs, and you’re pretty sure you could achieve that with a bit

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Reviews from Bark.comReviews from Facebook & GoogleMs SR – Devon – Online Support Group MemberI have 6 dogs,5 are rescues…the last two from Romania. Usually there is little information about the personality of the dog you are taking on, I have been incredibly lucky with mine, although the last one in the door had me

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Helpful Tips to Stop Your Dog Chasing

Does your dog regularly disappear at speed to chase ‘things?’ Get a better Understanding & Some Tips Here on How To Stop Your Dog Chasing. If your dog disappears in a cloud of dust after a rabbit? ¬†Or¬†leaves you standing while he runs off into the¬†distance after a dog, cat,