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Romanian Rescue Dogs: You Can’t Rush Nature

Romanian Rescue Dogs: You Can’t Rush Nature This is something I find myself saying A LOT when working with clients and their Romanian Rescue Dogs, so I thought I would put this article out just to reiterate the importance of it.  This is especially important for those of you who

Bach Flower Remedies for Dogs

Specific Blends of Bach Flower Remedies to Support Your Dogs ‘Because Animals Need Emotional Support too’For more than 70 years Dr Edward Bach’s Flower remedies have been providing emotional support to people and animals all over the world with successful results. The flower extracts are a complementary all natural remedy that can be used safely alongside

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Romanian Rescue Dogs

Romanian Rescue DogsIf you are considering adopting a Romanian Rescue Dog or already have then there may be lots of information here of interest to you. After becoming involved with Romanian Rescue in 2015, both as a support advisor to new adopters and a fosterer myself, I was led to look deeper into the thinking, feeling,

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Personal Dog Training Consultations

 Sadly I am unable to take on any further One to One Clients at the moment, but Wait!… please don’t just leave!I still want to be able to help you!As a specialist in Romanian & Foreign Rescue dogs I know only too well how difficult it can be to find a trainer or behaviourist who

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Romanian Rescue Dogs & What You Need to Know

Romanian Rescue Dogs & What You Need to Know You may or may not be aware of the dreadful situation that currently exists for the stray dogs on the streets of Romania and the thousands of shelter dogs kept in terrible conditions, so I thought I would share a little

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About Meesh Masters & The Dog’s Point of ViewHi, My name is Meesh Masters and welcome to The Dog’s Point of View website.  The focus of my work as a canine professional is Holistic Human-Canine Coaching, Training & Behaviour Consultancy specialising in Romanian Rescue dogs.My approach is to use fear free and reinforcement based techniques