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Ms SR - Devon - Online Support Group Member
I have 6 dogs,5 are rescues...the last two from Romania. Usually there is little information about the personality of the dog you are taking on, I have been incredibly lucky with mine, although the last one in the door had me spooked on day one...she was sweet with me, but after, what I thought was careful intro to my others she attacked my smallest several times.  She nearly  went back that week.  She barked at every single thing she came across and continued to scare my littlest. I researched 'reactivity' etc and did the best I could, then several months in, I found Michelle's membership group and signed up. Michelle responds in great depth and has given me several new insights as to what is likely to be going on with my furry monster, and her training programmes are SO thorough.  Michelle feels like a safety net to be honest, it is great to be able to ping off a message and get help/interpretation straight away. She is making great progress with people, and most other things, 'dogs' are going to take longer methinks. Having an expert, 'on tap' is a massive advantage, and we can avoid all sorts of disasters by getting professional help asap, Thank you Michelle 

Ms LM - Surrey - Online Client
Having rescued a Romanian dog I was delighted when Millie arrived. However it wasn't long before we realised that she had an issue with people coming to our house. I was confused how to deal with this problem and knew it was important for both us and Millie to deal with this quickly and properly. The advice I got from Meesh has been invaluable. It's still a work in progress but with the information she sent me I have a clear plan to follow and feel more relaxed and confident now that I have a better understanding of why Millie is behaving this way. It's great to know that Meesh is there to advise and support us. She's been an enormous help in our early months and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.

Ms PM - Nottingham - Online Support Group Member
You been amazing help to me and my dogs. Don't know what I would of done without you. Introducing Barny to Lana slowly/separating them at first. Letting Lana anxieties get used to sharing her home with another dog was the best advice ever. With Lana being very nervous and aggressive around new dogs, she wouldn't ever allow a new dog into our home. I didn't think I would ever be able to have another dog plus my Lana is now learning how to do dog play. Thank you for everything. Your support been amazing to me and my family xxx

Ms KC - Cumbria - Online Support Group Member
We have found the most useful thing is being able to contact you and ask questions and you always get back to us promptly. Some of the videos you have shared or sent us links to have been really useful. We have recommended you to a couple of people.

Janeen Warman - Colleague & Business Owner @ Human Hound Healing
Michelle is amazing, I am proud to have her as a colleague in helping rehabilitate rescues.  I am always amazed by how much she does to promote for dogs needing forever homes, not only that, her training is positive & compassionate. The free information & shared articles on her site helps so many people overcome issues with their beloved friends.

Ms M.R - Essex - Online Client
Received excellent and very helpful advise when I asked for help training my Springer puppy. I had researched all about training to recall when out and about but was still having a few issues. I asked Michelle for advise and received a step by step guide which was really well explained and easy to follow. Happy to say it worked to! It's a great feeling being able to control your dog off the lead especially when you see other dogs on walks completely out of control! Thanks Michelle.

Mrs J.F. Head Veterinary Nurse - Suffolk  
I would highly recommend Michelle as a behaviourist and trainer. In my capacity as Head Veterinary Nurse for the last 15 years, I have come across many trainers, but none have had her ability to see issues from the view of the dog and be able to explain these clearly to their clients, and in doing so right those problems by use of positive methods and with successful outcomes.

Mrs F.P. - Gloucester - Online Client
I never would have thought I could get so much help without meeting my trainer. What's great is I don't have to wait a week to deal with the next issue that comes along. It was such a relief to know I could make contact and get a prompt reply and support. Skype is also great as my dog could be observed when necessary. I really would recommend the pros in having a trainer so accessible.

Mr JB - Rotherham - One 2 One Client
After many  years of living with a very independent Cairn Terrier with whom I felt quite disconnected,  and spent many a walk just searching for him after he had taken himself off on his own adventures, it was very refreshing to get some really simple but effective tips from Michelle that made a big difference in a very short space of time. I now feel like we have a much better bond, I can call him away from other dogs/people and don't spend all of my walks alone anymore!

Mrs D.H. Suffolk - One 2 One & Online Client
Michelle helped my rescue GSD and collie who both had fear related issues. She only uses positive reward based methods and at a pace the dogs can cope with and is always prepared to offer advice and support. I can recommend her as a trainer who really cares about the dogs she works with.