It's Getting Busy Out There!

Are you Ready?

Is your dog ready?

One of the top issues my clients contact me for help with, is their Romanian rescue dogs that are reactive to dogs and other triggers on walks.  It's a big and stressful problem when you're faced with it every day, every time you step outside the door to walk your dogs.  I know first hand what that feels like!

And as we transition out of lockdown, it's going to get busier out there.  We are going to want to take our dogs to more places with us, but we don't want them to be causing a scene all the time.

Join me for a Mini Workshop that will walk you through the blueprint of a program to help you set your Romanian Rescue dogs up better to handle situations on walks. Your workshop includes integrated Q&A sections to help you tailor the information to your specific situations.

Why would this workshop be perfect for you?

Because although you may have read lots of training advice around reactivity on walks, and possibly even worked with other trainers, not all trainers understand Romanian dogs and their sometimes quirky natures.

Many Romanian dogs can benefit from a slightly different approach when working on their 'over the top' reactions on walks. 

There can be lots of little things, that if done slightly differently can set our foreign rescue dogs up better when it comes to how they feel about the things they are triggered by.  

As there is plenty of training information out there around Reactivity on Walks, this workshop will be specifically tailored to Romanian and foreign rescue dogs and will focus on a 'big picture' holistic approach to help you get the best plan in place to increase the chances of you being able to take your dog out and about without it being a complete drama for you all.

I want you to leave this workshop with a training blueprint that will help you know exactly how to support your reactive Romanian dogs and know when and how to begin expanding their worlds so you can start doing more together.

See you there?

Word of Warning: This is not a quick fix, magic pill, all encompassing rapid solution to your dogs reactivity.  You will need to make a commitment to the whole holistic training process if you want to see longer term results.


Tues 22nd June @ 7.30pm - 9.00pm

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