The Visitors are Coming! The Visitors are Coming!

Many Romanian Rescue dogs are not comfortable with strangers or visitors to the home, it’s a big part of their instinctive natures, so for these guys, lockdown has been the best thing ever!

But the visitors will soon be returning and it's time to get proactive and start putting things in place to help your dog become more comfortable with these inevitable events.

Join me for a Mini Workshop that will walk you through the blueprint of a program to help you set your dog up to succeed! Your workshop includes integrated Q&A sections to help you tailor the information to your specific situations.

Why would this workshop be perfect for you?

Because this particular problem is PERFECT for online learning.

Even if you lived next door to me, I wouldn’t work in person with you to begin with, because your dog would instantly feel unsafe, anxious and on edge the moment I arrived.  This means it would be hard for us to make progress during our consultations.

So, let's put the foundations in place and have a clear plan of action before your visitors even start coming.

In fact, you absolutely SHOULDN'T wait until your visitors come to do this training!

Get ahead of the problem and set your dog up to succeed through the next stages.  I want you to leave this workshop with the exact training blueprint you need to ensure your dog can remain calm and relaxed in the house when visitors are present.

Until they can do that, no amount of 'training' will help them learn to feel more comfortable around strangers and visitors and you could find yourself going round in circles with this problem for months (even years)

So, Are you In?

Are you ready to get proactive on your dog’s behalf?

Tues 25th May @ 7.30pm - 9.00pm