Welcome to The Dog's Point of View

Hi, My name is Meesh Masters and welcome to my website. Having been lucky enough to have lived with all shapes and sizes of dogs over the last 30 years (and all the different problems they had) and worked with many more as a trainer & behaviour consultant for the last 15 years, it is my passion to help everyday dog guardians find that elusive 'in tune' way of living with their four pawed family members.  Every human canine relationship is different, the expectations, the lifestyle and the needs of both sides of the partnership.  For me, my work is about finding the best way to merge it all together, helping you to understand each other better so you can achieve that harmonious lifestyle where both you and your dog are happy, confident and able to enjoy your relationship to its fullest. 

I am currently the proud guardian of 2 dogs, Sky is a 3yr old Border Collie, a very happy go lucky girl, an absolute delight to live with and train, and Tramp is an 18mth old Romanian Rescue Dog,  who has been a lot more challenging on the training front, but is a wonderfully funny and loving boy.  So remember, us trainers have challenges with our dogs too!... because they're not robots and have their own likes & dislikes, stresses and emotions to work through, just like us.  

If you want to know what studies I have done, I have diploma's in Intermediate & Advanced Canine Psychology from the Animal Care College (both with distinctions) and I am a proud member of the Pet Professional Guild British Isles.  I also have a diploma in Life Coaching, because being able to connect with the human half of the partnership is equally important to me as connecting with the canine half.  

I am passionate about continuing my education, and possibly a little addicted to studying! I have completed numerous additional courses over recent years including Dr Ian Dunbar's Sirius Training & Reactive Dog Workshop, Master Practitioner in both Human & Animal Reiki and I am currently working toward BAT Certification (Behavioural Adjustment Training) with Grisha Stewart & qualifying as a companion animal bereavement counsellor.

I am dedicated to continued learning in this ever changing world of Canine Behaviour & Psychology and I will continue to study and update my education, in order to provide the best possible service to both my human and canine clients.  

I hope you enjoy browsing the site, there will be lots more Courses, Articles, Video's and 'How To' guides added over the coming weeks & months so please sign up for the newsletter to keep up to date with the latest information and special offers. I look forward to helping you in any way I can.

If you would like us to work together, take a look at my CONSULTATIONS PAGE to see which option might suit you best. Or if you would prefer to speak to me directly, please CLICK HERE  where you can find all my contact information.