Romanian Rescue Dogs Seminars
Have Moved….

The Dog’s Point of View Romanian Rescue Dogs Seminars have now been moved and replaced by

The DOG’s Point of View Online Resources, Courses & Workshops for Adopters

Set yourself and your dogs up to succeed by having access to information and guidance specifically written and explained relative to Romanian dogs.  These dogs will reward you tenfold when you understand their intrinsic natures and know how to work with their strengths instead of battling against their instincts!

The Online Resource Centre will be loaded with both free and paid resources over the coming months.  All the resources available will provide invaluable information for both new and existing adopters of Romanian Rescue Dogs. 

Having worked with many adopters over the years, the courses and content that the resource portal provides is created using much of the information and techniques I have shared with my one to one clients.  

Be sure to subscribe to the Online Resources Centre so you get notified when new courses, webinars and workshops are launched. 

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