5 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe
When Out Walking

With so many pets being lost, stolen, injured or sadly even killed because they have run off or not returned to their owners when called, I thought I would post these 5 tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe When Out Walking.

We all want our beloved canine companions to enjoy their walks to the max and have the freedom to run free, but at the end of the day, their safety and well being has to be taken into consideration as well.  By implementing these tips when you are out and about in the countryside with your dogs, you could well avoid all of these things…

  1. Your dog getting into a fight with another dog
  2. Your dog running off and becoming lost
  3. Your dog being stolen
  4. Your dog becoming more independent when out and less likely to interact with you and behave the way you want him to
  5. Your dog getting injured or worse killed because he has blindly chased some wildlife
  6. Your dog causing problems by running up to other people in the countryside, with or without dogs (not everyone likes dogs)
  7. Your walks being stressful and unpleasant because your dog does not behave well or do what you ask of him
  8. Your dog developing dog aggressive behaviour because he is overwhelmed by unmanaged meetings with other dogs he meets
  9. Arguments with other walkers because your dog is out of control
  10. Your dog developing fearful or timid behaviour because he experiences something bad while out of your sight

Keep Your Dog’s Safe When Out And About 🙂


keep dogs safe out walking


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