Specialist Help & Training Advice Group
For Guardians with Romanian Rescue Dogs 

Romanian Dogs are a bit different from British dogs, having stronger natural instincts they can present their guardians with a variety of challenges. Many trainers are not experienced with foreign dogs, and can struggle to give the best advice on general training and behaviour issues that takes this aspect into account.  Having access to the right advice and support is so important for guardians with Rommies, to ensure they fully understand the individual characteristics of their particular dogs.  

Many problems experienced in the first few weeks of adoption, if not handled correctly, can end up becoming very stressful long term challenges for both dogs and Guardians.  Often this could have been prevented had the Guardians had the right knowledge and support from the beginning.
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All training methods used are force free and positive reward based techniques
The Dog’s Point of View Teaches Dogs & Their People with Empathy, Compassion and Understanding

Why Join This Group 

  • Get advice and information on training & behaviour problems with ongoing support via email.
  • Living with Rommies can be challenging at times, having support available to you can help lessen that overwhelmed feeling
  • Access to step by step help from a qualified professional who knows these dogs & understands their different characteristics
  • Teach your dog effectively in their own environment where their everyday problems exist
  • Step by Step training guides specific to your problems and training needs
  • Video Training Demonstrations & feedback if required
  • Private Facebook Group for the support of members, or we can just correspond via Email.
  • This service has already helped many guardians solve training & behaviour problems with their Romanian Rescue Dogs

The Training & Support Group Has Now Been
Re-Launched as The Members Only Coaching Group

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