energy awareness

Energy Awareness and Dogs

Energy Awareness and Dogs About 1.5 years ago, when my Romanian Rescue dog Tramp was still in his delinquent adolescent phase ­čÖé something happened that was the equivalent of being smacked in the face with a┬á big book of understanding! This has now become a huge part of not just

stop your dog chasing

Helpful Tips to Stop Your Dog Chasing

Does your dog regularly disappear at speed to chase ‘things?’ Get a better Understanding & Some Tips Here on How To Stop Your Dog Chasing. If your dog disappears in a cloud of dust after a rabbit? ┬áOr┬áleaves you standing while he runs off into the┬ádistance after a dog, cat,

what to look for in a good dog training class

12 Things to Look For In A Good Dog Training Class

So you’ve decided to take your dog to training classes, great! ­čÖé Did you know dog’s love to learn! As with anything though, there are good classes and not so good classes with good trainers and not so good trainers, so it really does pay to do your homework before