Romanian Rescue dogs seminars

Romanian Rescue Dogs Seminars

Romanian Rescue Dogs Seminars Have Moved….The Dog’s Point of View Romanian Rescue Dogs Seminars have now been moved and replaced by The DOG’s Point of View Online Resources, Courses & Workshops for AdoptersSet yourself and your dogs up to succeed by having access to information and guidance specifically written and explained relative to Romanian dogs. 

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Romanian Rescue Dogs: You Can’t Rush Nature

Romanian Rescue Dogs: You Can’t Rush Nature This is something I find myself saying A LOT when working with clients and their Romanian Rescue Dogs, so I thought I would put this article out just to reiterate the importance of it.  This is especially important for those of you who

Bach Flower Remedies for Dogs

Specific Blends of Bach Flower Remedies to Support Your Dogs ‘Because Animals Need Emotional Support too’For more than 70 years Dr Edward Bach’s Flower remedies have been providing emotional support to people and animals all over the world with successful results. The flower extracts are a complementary all natural remedy that can be used safely alongside

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Energy Awareness and Dogs

Energy Awareness and Dogs About 1.5 years ago, when my Romanian Rescue dog Tramp was still in his delinquent adolescent phase 🙂 something happened that was the equivalent of being smacked in the face with a  big book of understanding! This has now become a huge part of not just

The Dog's Point of View Coaching Group

The Dog’s Point of View Coaching Group

A members only group for high quality information & teaching advice to help solve issues & understand more about the nature of dogs. Weekly themes, video demo’s, high quality articles, live Q & A’s, how to guides & much more…

romanian rescue dogs seminars

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Personal Dog Training Consultations

 Sadly I am unable to take on any further One to One Clients at the moment, but Wait!… please don’t just leave!I still want to be able to help you!As a specialist in Romanian & Foreign Rescue dogs I know only too well how difficult it can be to find a trainer or behaviourist who

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How Playing With Your Dog Can Lead to Better Behaviour

  Are You Playing With Your Dog Enough? We all know that our dog’s require at least basic training and regular exercise to be mentally healthy and to keep them safe out and about on walks, but were you aware of how important it is to spend time playing with

Romanian Rescue Support


Passionate About Helping YouLive In Harmony With YourRomanian Rescue Dogs We are Making Some Changes!Please Bear With Us While we areRefreshing The Website 

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Is Your Dog Food Causing Behaviour Problems

Are you currently experiencing behaviour problems with your dog? Has anyone mentioned to you that it could be your dog food causing these problems? It is common these days for many people to suffer allergies or reactions from eating certain types of food and drinks.  Modern medicine has developed significantly to realise