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Dog Training Classes Worksop – Rotherham – Sheffield

Socialisation & Distraction Training Class – £8.50 Per SessionThe socialisation & distraction training sessions are for any clients that have already been to a group class or had one to one training sessions and would like the opportunity to have somewhere to come and practise with controlled distractions and setups. There is no fixed structure

reactive dog

Reactive Dog Training Programme

About the Reactive Dog Training Programme The Reactive Dog Training Programme is a 6 month programme that takes place both at your home & in a variety of outside locations.This training programme is specifically structured to help guardians of dogs that display reactive behavioural responses to any variation of trigger. Reactivity is an uncontrolled emotional response,

lifeskills training programme

Lifeskills Dog Training Programme

About the Lifeskills Programme The Lifeskills Dog Training Programme is a 3 month programme that takes place both at your home & in a variety of outside locations.This training programme is perfect for older dogs that have no real major behavioural issues, but just maybe need general training or to strengthen some behaviours that have become

tricky teens dog training programme

Tricky Teens Dog Training Programme

About the Tricky Teens Programme The Tricky Teens Training Programme is a 6 month programme that takes place both at your home & in a variety of outside locations.It is a sad fact that more dogs between the ages of 7-18mths are surrendered to rescue shelters than any other age, because of the difficulties they can

puppy lifeskills programme

Puppy Lifeskills & Socialisation Programme

About the Puppy Programme The Puppy Lifeskills & Socialisation Programme is a 4 month programme that takes place both at your home & in a variety of outside locations.What’s covered in the Puppy Lifeskills & Socialisation ProgrammeEverything you need to get your puppy off to the best possible start in his educationAn introduction to Clicker TrainingToilet

help your reactive dog

Tips & Advice for Walking Your Reactive Dog

Walks can be pretty stressful when you have a reactive dog right? If you have a dog that explodes into a frenzy of barking, spinning and lunging when they see other dogs, people, bikes, traffic, strange animals etc, it can become a never ending cycle of stress and upset for

dog training guides

Step by Step Dog Training Guides & Free Resources

Step by Step Training GuidesPlease don’t hesitate to contact me if you encounter any difficulties with your downloadsStep by Step Training Guide – Teaching Voluntary Close£0.99When would I recommend this exercise to clients:As a foundaitonal training exercise for teaching a dog to walk nicely on a leadTo develop an unleashed ‘walk by me until released’ behaviour

behavioural assessment rehabilitation

Behavioural Assessment & Rehabilitation Plan

 About Behavioural Assessments Behavioural Assessments Take Place in Your Home & On Your Local WalksDog-Dog Reactivity (on or off lead)Dog- Human ReactivityNervous or Fearful BehavioursNoise Phobias (including fireworks, thunder etc)Other PhobiasSeparation AnxietyResource GuardingExcessive BarkingOver Attachment & AnxietyLet me just say, I am not here to judge, only to help, my approach is through understanding, empathy and

walk and train

Walk and Train Service

About Walk & Train Currently available in Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster & Surrounding Areas Of course we all know that dogs need exercise appropriate for their age and needs, but they also need exercise for their brains (mental stimulation), not just so they can be well behaved for us, but for their own mental health and well

private dog training

Private Dog Training Sessions

About Private Training Sessions 121 Private Training Sessions usually take place in your home or on your familiar walks nearby.  Sessions can be for any training problem or minor behavioural issueAll clients receive a brief summary of the training covered during the session and 1 mths email support.Puppy TrainingPuppy Socialisation Settling a Newly Adopted Rescue DogFoundation Lifeskills TrainingWorking

train your dog

2 Reasons Why You Could Be Struggling to Train Your Dog

 Are Struggling to Train Your Dog? The Answer Could Be That You’re Not Doing These 2 Things, You dream of having a beautifully trained dog, who is a pleasure to have around.  You’ve seen other people with these dogs, and you’re pretty sure you could achieve that with a bit